Friday, May 28, 2010

80. Buy a new comforter

Since I bought a new bed, I bought a new queen size comforter!!

I love my new bedroom :)

57. Donate blood 10 times (1/10)

Tomorrow morning, I am set to donate blood at 10:30. I am finally getting off my lazy butt to do this because of my friend Leah and her baby Kason. Leah had preeclampsia and Kason was born 11 weeks early. He is strong but struggling with his lung functions.

I was motivated by them because according to the Red Cross, I am CMV negative. CMV is a pretty common virus, and usually isn't particularly harmful to people with healthy immune systems. However, premature babies, people with immune deficiencies, organ recipients, etc., cannot get blood that has been exposed to CMV. Therefore, my blood goes to those people. It is apparently rare to be CMV negative, so I need to do my part and donate regularly.

20. Buy a new computer

Well, my computer bit the dust. The charger was breaking and the battery was dead. It moved at a snail's pace and was miserable to use. So I bought a Sony Vaio on Tuesday! I am in love so far. It is white and beautiful and new and fast. I got an i3 processor, which is not the fastest but is part of the new processors.

It has a webcam! So I got to have a webcam date with my boy :) Which put an ENORMOUS smile on my face for a while.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

83. Use the reusable shopping bags I have when grocery shopping

I actually remembered my Pink Breast Cancer re-usable bags! My mom bought me 3 for Christmas, and I NEVER remember to put them in my car. I went to the grocery store on Sunday and purposely brought them with me. I got my cool barcode gun and loaded my bags as I went. I LOVE the barcode scanning thing, but it's always a pain to load up plastic bags at the end (cause I suck at using the reusable bags haha). Having the bags and the scanner was awesome! AND I was able to put the bags over my shoulder!

I am a convert :)