Thursday, June 24, 2010

Well, my run was good! I am super excited :)

I took a little hiatus from all things running (which included this blog and my training plan haha) because I was frustrated and didnt feel like I was making any progress. I am not convinced I am going to stay on the Half Marathon path, but I do need to focus on making running a priority. I slacked on my running but expected the same results as when I was running longer and more frequently. That equation doesn't quite add up.

We went outside, even though it was hot as death. 91*, feels like 97* according to the app on my phone. However, I knew my run would be better outside, even in the heat, than inside lol. I think I have expressed my hatred for the gym and treadmills haha. The gym my dad and I go to has a track, but it is about 1/16 of a it gets pretty monotonous.

We took a route we normally take, but did it in the reverse.....typically, we end on a quarter mile uphill stretch that I always skip/throw up on. It's a pretty steep hill. So instead, we started on that same stretch, making it a downhill stretch! It was about 1.7 miles total, and I did it all! I didn't quit, I didn't throw up (thanks to the 2 liters of water I drank today), and while my legs felt like jelly when I was done, it was good!!

I focused on drinking water today, and will continue to do so. Being hydrated was all that got me through this run!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day 5k

Well......the 5k did not go according to plan.

My mom, dad, and I all got to the race with plenty of time, and we were already registered. The first near tragedy of the day occurred when my dad unlaced the top lace of his ANCIENT tennis shoes and couldn't get them laced up again! Luckily, through brute force and a pin, we got it back through the hole.

We got these chips on our shoes, so when we crossed the starting line, it registered, and then when you crossed the finish, you got a super accurate time. In our first 5k, they started everyone’s time when they started the race, but some people were 10 or 15 seconds back in the pack, so it wasn’t an accurate time. Pretty interesting what technology can do!

Dad and I got to the starting line, a decent way back in the crowd, and waited for the start. He took off, per usual, and I kept my normal pace. My shins were hurting just the slightest bit, from always running on concrete I think, but nothing bad. People steadily passed me for the first mile, which I am used to and ok with. The first mile was fairly easy, including a downhill portion…..but when you go down, you must then go up hill.

The uphill portion started right after the first mile marker. Everyone around me was stopping, and I was going VERY slowly but I made it at a run to the top of the hill and was super proud of myself. I rounded the corner and started on another downhill portion and was feeling fine…..tired, but fine. On a fairly short court, they had the water station and the turnaround point. I turned up the court, looking for my dad. I saw him (he was approaching the second mile marker) and waved, still feeling ok. But this portion was uphill again, and not long after I passed him, I suddenly started throwing up. I was pretty much dry heaving, because I didn’t have any breakfast. I managed to get over in the shade of a random tractor trailer that was parked on the side of the road, and kept heaving.

A lot of people ran past, but a group of 3 stopped to check on me. I tried to wave them on…..I throw up frequently when I run, and I am fine to at least keep walking once the feeling passes. However, one of the women, Carol, insisted on running ahead to get me water, and all 3 took off to the water station. After about a minute, I felt better and started walking to meet her. By that time, she had already alerted a police officer patrolling the route, and I had to adamantly convince them all that I really was ok to keep going. Carol decided to walk with me to the end, even though I told her she could keep going.

We walked and chatted for a while and then started jogging again. I have the hardest time getting started once I have stopped, so it was intermittent bouts of running and walking. Finally, we were approaching the finish line. We rounded the corner, only .1 miles away from the finish, and I started jogging again. I started feeling sick, so I stopped, but then I saw my dad cheering me on to finish at a run, so I started running again. Right before the finish, I threw up at a run, but kept going to cross the finish line. I threw up 3 times as I was crossing the finish.

There was a medic right at the end, and he helped me out. I tried to go sit down, but they kept saying I needed to turn in my chip haha. It was not happening, but it was just attached to my shoe with perforated plastic things, so someone ripped it off and took it for me. I started crying, but my mom kept telling me it was ok and I did a great job. Sometimes I really feel like a grown up adult, and sometimes I REALLY feel like a little girl haha.

People surrounded me, my parents, the medic, and a bunch of other random people, mostly runners. One man started pouring water on me to cool me down, which helped, and the medic kept asking if I was ok. I was fine now that I was done running and had thrown up whatever was in my stomach.

Overall, I am really frustrated. Everyone keeps saying “we all have bad days”……but I have had 4 bad runs in a row now, and I have no idea why. I do think running in the summer heat is just not for me. I prefer running in 50 degree weather, breathing in cool air. I find that even the gym is too hot.

I’m not going to give up, even though I am really disheartened. Even if I can never run a 5k again (which is unlikely), I am doing the right thing for my body by increasing my exercise. Before I started running, I never worked out. Now, I am running a couple times a week and planning to start swimming again, as well as doing some strength training. So whether I am running races or not, I am elongating my life by exercising. I am not a lover of exercise by any stretch, but I really hope that everyone can start to understand just how much damage you do to your bodies by NOT working out and eating poorly.

And, for your entertainment purposes, the picture at the top is the medic meeting me at the finish line :) Mom said I was NOT the first to cross and throw up, and my dad said that even despite his good time, it was a brutal run. It was almost 80 degrees when I left my apartment at 7 am. I am kind of wishing she had gotten an action shot of the vomiting haha. I think I look pretty cool considering the circumstances.

Friday, June 18, 2010

A little disappointment run did not go as planned yesterday. But first, let's go back to Wednesday.

Wednesday was day 3 of week 7, and the options were rest or cross train. I chose to be lazy and rested. So nothing very noteworthy happened on Wednesday. Aside from eating 3/4 of a container of Raspberry Sorbet from Trader Joe's. nom nom nom. It was so good, I HIGHLY suggest it :)

So, let's move to Thursday. On Thursday, per my schedule, I was supposed to do Speed 1 workout. Speed 1 is like interval training. However, since my dad and I are running a 5k on Sunday, I decided that we should just run for distance. We picked our route around the neighborhood, a route that ends up being exactly 3.1 miles.....perfect practice for a 5k right?

So off we go, after a 10 minute warm up walk, and the first 1/2 a mile is all uphill. I always feel good once I push through that half mile. Then, it is downhill for a bit, tapers off to flat, and then the loooong slowwww uphill starts. It was around that point I was begging for my second wind. My dad was well past me, and I was dragging....we weren't even 1.5 miles into our 3 mile run. I kept telling myself "You can do this, you can do this"

My dad was probably about 1/8 of a mile ahead of me, and when I saw him turn around at our turn around point, I turned around where I was. Somehow, he still passed me. I was just dragging.

So I stopped. boooo.

I walked for probably..... 1/4 of a mile, then tried to start running again. I ran maybe....1/4 mile, although that is being generous. I walked for a while after that, and then tried to do a last push home at a run. Didn't happen. I walked the last half mile home.

Overall, it was a very disappointing run. I try to be positive, try to believe mind over matter.....but it wasn't happening yesterday. I don't like to make excuses for myself, but C brought up a bunch of good points. I didn't sleep well the night before, I have been doing more workouts this week than I normally do, and I haven't been running as frequently in the last two weeks as I was before.'s disappointing and makes me really nervous for Sunday's run. I don't want to disappoint my dad and myself on Father's Day! I have to finish it, running the whole way. So I am going to get lots of sleep on Saturday night and get lots of water in me, so I'm hydrated.

I also wonder if I am actually cut out for a half marathon, if I can't even complete 3 miles. C's mom suggested I read The Non-Runners Marathon Guide for Women by Dawn Dais, so I am going to go look for it after work. I also want to pick up a Hungry Girl Cookbook.

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Days 1 and 2

Well, I have done days 1 and 2 of my 12 week plan so far!

Day 1 of week 7, the week I started with, is strength training. I decided to search for some yoga and pilates videos on Netflix live streaming. I found a pilates video, called 10 Minute Solutions: Pilates. There are five 10 minute sessions, focusing on abs, butt/thights, arms, and 2 others (I can't remember). I did 3 sessions, the abs, butt, and arms.

It was not a super hard video, which I liked. It was tough enough, especially in the abs session and the arms session (you use two 3 lb weights). I did not feel bad today, but I can feel it in my abs. I liked this video, and I found a few others in the series I can try on my strength training days.

Today, I was supposed to run. I usually run with my dad, but he wasn't available tonight. Instead, I decided to go to the gym and run myself. I am not usually one to run on the treadmill, so I was reminded of a serious HATE for the gym and for the treadmill. The schedule called for 40 minutes of running or run/walk. I ended up doing 30 minutes, and despite my goal to run it all, I wimped out.

I warmed up with a 5 minute walk. I then ran for 11 minutes around 5.3 MPH, and then walked for 4 minutes. The last 10 minutes, I did a sort of interval training. I sprinted, jogged, power walked, and walked in intervals.

I have a 5k to run on Sunday, so I am kind of nervous because my running seems to be going backwards. However, I believe in the power of positive thinking, and I need to focus on my attitude for Sunday.

Tomorrow, I can either rest or cross train. I am thinking of going to the gym to swim. I enjoy swimming, although I do get extremely bored :) But, I found an article in Women's Health about swimming, and they provided a good workout that I can easily do. I used to swim 60-70 lengths of a pool on any given day. Swimming is such a good workout.

Here's to a better workout tomorrow and a better run on Thursday!