Sunday, December 26, 2010

New Workout Motivation!

First and foremost......Merry Christmas! I hope you had an incredible Christmas with family and friends :) I had a great time, despite not having my boy and my brother around. I am lucky to have great friends and great family.

Now, on to the point of this newfound workout motivation! I found out on Christmas Eve that I am going to be a bridesmaid in the wedding of one of my closest friends, Kathy, and her fiance Zach. I was ELATED to hear that they wanted me to be part of their day, and it's actually a funny story about how she told me....but that's another post for another day.

You can see, I am sure, why I have newfound workout motivation......I refuse to be a fat bridesmaid! And many would argue that I am not fat, but I am far from healthy and I am definitely overweight. I haven't been content with how I look and how my clothes are fitting, but I wasn't previously motivated to get the workout ball rolling again. But now, I have until December 17, 2011, to get myself in shape!

I need to focus on weight loss, as well as toning. Depending on the type of dress, my arms and shoulders will probably be showing, and I want them to look good/not jiggle! I also REALLY need to focus on my eating. I have always rather easily maintained my weight, within 10 lbs or so since I was in high school. So I never worried much about what I was eating. But now that I am actively trying to lose weight, I will need to pay more attention to eating a healthy balanced diet.

So, wish me luck, blog friends. And poke your head in here every once in a while to make sure I am on track!

The beautiful bride and me when we were 12

At our 16th birthday party

On my 21st birthday

Happy Halloween 2010

Monday, December 20, 2010


Well, my blogging has been slow. But I learned this weekend that some of my friends actually read this thing! So, I threatened to stop writing, ever, if my friend Kristin didn't leave a comment (I mean it Kristin, when you read this you must comment!!)

Not too much new is going on here. Christmas is fast approaching! I am super excited about that. I have lots of good presents to give this year :)

I am spending New Year's in Texas with the first glimpse of our future new home! I am nervous haha.

I have been applying to jobs non-stop. Heard NOTHING back from ANYONE even though I have been applying for jobs that I am perfect for. Hello, annoying.

It's tough, cause I am REALLY excited for this next phase of my flyboy is buying a house, we will finally be living in the same town, I will be living near my brother and some of the boy's friends who I have known for a while.......but I can't GET to this phase until I can find a job. It's so frustrating.

Until another day, blog friends.....

Saturday, December 11, 2010


The Christmas Spirit has not hit me yet.

Don't get me wrong, I love Christmas. But for some reason, I haven't been taken over with jolliness this year.

So, with that said.......I have a problem with people who meander. That is the best word I can come up with to describe the annoying people I come across in my shopping travels. There is no other way to describe people who seem to know where they are going, but are in no hurry to get there, and insist on meandering in large groups that block me from my destination.

Sometimes I think I am getting old.

In other news, Old Navy is having a Buy One Get One FREE sale on ALL of their sweaters!!! FREE! FREE! Get over to Old Navy before all the good ones are gone!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Updated Christmas Shopping!

Ok, I have finally had some success.

AAAAND, some stuff is even wrapped already!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

'Poo free?

So I just went through my blog, and I swear I thought I wrote a post about going shampoo free. Apparently I did not. So this is going to be a two in one post.

On November 18th, I embarked on my shampoo free lifestyle. I chose to do this while I had 3 nearly full bottles of shampoo and two nearly full bottles of conditioner in my shower. You might ask 1. Why I decided to go 'poo free at this exact moment and 2. Why I have 3 bottles of shampoo and 2 bottles of conditioner at one time. Both are great questions. My only defense is that I'm a moron.

I decided to try not using shampoo because I got on this healthy hair kick. A friend of mine was trying all different kinds of things to make her hair healthier, and I wanted in! I also had stumbled across several blogs about it. My inspiration? Simple Mom.

The most common directions I found called for baking soda and apple cider vinegar. Mix the baking soda with water and clean your scalp with it, then wash it out. Mix the vinegar with water and wash the ends of your hair with it, and wash it out.

So off I go to the store, buying my baking soda and vinegar, perusing the aisles of Target looking for the best bottles to put my concoctions in. I took my loot home, mixed everything up, and placed it in my shower, ready to go.

I succesfully used the concoctions about 5 times. Yes, I am pathetic. I didn't even last a week.

I had no real issue with the mixtures, it seemed to work out well. Every SAID my hair looked good (it looked bad to me). It didn't smell or anything nasty. But the texture is what eventually pushed me back to shampoo.

My hair just felt.......dirty. I can't think of a better word. It felt greasy (which they warn you is likely to happen) and coarse and hard to get a brush through. I couldn't just wear it down because it didn't move. Every day, I wore it back in a low half up pony tail.

Finally washing my hair felt amazing.

I can admit it, I am weak. Vanity and easiness took over. My poor head and skin will continue to be pelted with chemicals. However, I have noticed my hair feels SO MUCH BETTER now. I think I am just much more conscious of what I am doing to my hair. I always condition now, which I didn't ALWAYS do before. I also think that going 'poo free for a week might have cleansed my scalp. So I think I might make this a couple-times-a-year occurrence.

Moral of the story? Give it a try. If I had been more patient, I think I might have liked it :)

Friday, December 3, 2010

Happy Trails...

My uncle died today. He had a heart attack on the escalator at the airport and fell down to the bottom. I don't know much more right now.

He was my grandma's brother. Slowly, the family has been dwindling. My pop died in 1987, and then my great grandmother died in 1996. My grandma died suddenly in 2002, and my great aunt (Uncle Jack's wife) died of a brain tumor in 2004. He has been our last holdout, and now it looks like he is gone. For as long as my great-grandma (IE) lived (she was 87 when she died), everyone else got cut short. My pop was 56, Grandma was 66, Aunt Phyllis was somewhere around 64, and Uncle Jack just turned 72 I think. What did we do to get gypped out of our family so early?

In memory of Uncle Jack, I have a video.

Happy trails to you, Uncle Jack, until we meet again....

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas Budget

A few things I love::
1. CHRISTMAS (NOT X-mas, nothing drives me crazier than X-mas)
2. Gift giving

So you would think that this time of year is my favorite, right? IT IS!

Well, I have been shopping willy-nilly up to this point, buying things here and there. NORMALLY, I love that kind of gift shopping......but this year, I am on a budget! I have set my budget and need to adhere to it as closely as possible. So it's not possible for me to just buy willy-nilly, I need to think out my purchases.

Let me tell you, this takes all the fun out of Christmas shopping.

Anyone else on a tight budget for Christmas?