Friday, March 30, 2012

My dad is the bomb.

I can count on my dad to be my ultimate business adviser. He always knows what to tell me, as he has over 30 years of experience in the business world.

Ever since I made my first resume, I have been sending it off to my dad to look over and tweak for me. I didn't think I had made many changes since the last time we proofed it for me, but I guess I have because he had all kinds of suggestions for me when he sent it back.

I think I can give a lot of the credit for my awesome resume to my dad. Since I have been a part of hiring at my last two jobs, I can personally tell you I have seen some ATROCIOUS resumes. It is amazing what people consider acceptable when applying for a job in a competitive job market.

However, since my dad is the bomb, I am pretty certain my resume is too :) And my cover letter of course.

I spend a good portion of my day hunting the internet and keeping my ear to the ground to hear about any job opportunities in our little city. They aren't all bad, but not nearly as plentiful as I would like. I am crossing my fingers on two opportunities I have recently applied for.

My ultimate goal, as I see it now, is to get back into human services, try it out for a while, and determine if that is the course I want to take with my life (at the moment). Then, I will apply for Master's in Social Work programs that I can do online.

We'll see how this latest plan pans out :P

p.s. my workout streak lives! C and I did strength training last night, and we are going for a run this afternoon!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Impulsive workout update

With my new influx of free time, I have actually been motivated to work out!

Ok, you can drag your jaw off the floor now. Yes, I said I was motivated to work out.

It seems that with lots of free time, I have far fewer excuses to not work out.

On Monday, I went running myself. Only went a mile, but hit a better time than I usually do so yay!

On Tuesday, I did Couch to 5k with a friend and we walked/jogged for about 2.5 miles! I was pretty happy with that. On Tuesday night, C put me through my paces for an arm/shoulder strength workout, as well as abs thrown in.

TODAY, I went to zumba with my awesome friend Victoria! Afterwards, we went for a [short] jog around the mall and then walked around another time, which felt like 2 ish miles, but I didn't have my watch on so I'm not 100% sure.

I am trying to keep my workouts dynamic and different and interesting so I don't get bored. So far, I am in to working out everyday. Never before have I felt that way!

I also have super tight muscles right now due to so much working out and not enough stretching, so I am looking into the yoga studio in town that is run by the wife of a Colonel at Dyess.

Right now, I am 17 lbs down from my starting weight in May 2011. My highest loss has been 20 lbs, and considering how I've been eating for the last two weeks, I am amazed I am still so close to the 20 lb mark.

I'm feeling motivated! I am loving the burn of my muscles and the pain I feel the next day when I try to use my body :)

p.s.......pretty soon I'll look just like this.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Broken Record: Blog Failure

I have seriously been slacking on updating my blog. However, have no fear! In the near future, I will have all kinds of free time to post.

Tomorrow is my last day of work! This has slowly become common knowledge, as I posted on Facebook, but I hadn't written in my blog yet.

I decided it was time to move on. I wasn't happy, so I made a change. That is the simplest version of the story.

I don't currently have a job lined up, hence my impending free time. I haven't been searching much, since I have still been working and moving. But come Thursday, my full time job will be searching for a job.

I moved in with my brother temporarily.  He should be moving pretty soon, so this is definitely a temporary fix. But a fix nonetheless! My new room is cozy and what didn't fit here is currently being stored at C's house (isn't he the best???)

Wish me luck as I embark on this new adventure! I will update as soon as I have a new life plan :)

I have the best guy! And this was before I got really disorganized and just started throwing things in my car without any boxes or organization!

My new digs with my brother!

Re-purposed some of my furniture and bam! You've got a functional bedroom!