Wednesday, May 23, 2012


I had to wait and write this blog post when my mind was in a good place :)

Well, we are puppy parents! We brought Piper home on Friday night, at 4 weeks and 6 days old. Obviously, that is significantly younger than most puppies come home and much younger than they should. But, as I explained in my previous post about her, there was a reason! Due to the crazy situation with her foster family, this was the best time to get her.

However, that means what feels like quadruple the work for C and me! According to one of the puppy books we have, a 5 week old puppy is the equivalent of an 18 month old human, developmentally. An 8 week old puppy is equivalent to a 3 year old human. Now, I don't have kids of my own, but I babysat in my past and I have seen the difference between 18 months and 3 years!

After the first night, during which Piper cried for a solid hour and a half, and C and I struggled to stay in bed until she stopped crying so we could take her out, I was in a pretty questionable place. Some of you may remember my first foray into dog ownership over 2 years ago, which was not so successful. After that night, I was not sure this foray into dog ownership was going to be any more successful. However, this time I have C on my side :)

As any of you who have raised a puppy may know, it is a LOT of work. I went from living with my brother, with no job, coming and going whenever I felt like it. In one day, I moved in with C and got a puppy. C left on Monday for a 4 day TDY, and it has been a bit of a tough time.

I told my friend Dani that I have been having the most ridiculous mood swings in relation to Piper. Sometimes, I think I can't survive being tied to a dependent little being! At other times, I think of all the adult dogs I have been around, including our family Beagle and English Cocker Spaniel, and think of what great company Piper will be with C being out of town so often.

Taffy and Freckles

What I apparently choose to forget is that Freckles, our spaniel, was so terrible as a puppy (and up until about 2 years old) that my grandma kept threatening to send her away to a farm. Or that our beagle, Taffy, was also pretty damn close to going back to the breeder she came from because my parents were so frustrated in her training.

Since C is out of town this week, I had to figure out how to keep my sanity. I was pretty bummed out with the puppy blues lol, and then I went to Subway for dinner for just about 40 minutes, and it gave me a lot of perspective when I came back. Nothing catastrophic happened while I was gone, and I'm not even sure Piper really noticed I was gone! So for the rest of the week, I am going to try and get out for half an hour or so around lunch and around dinner.

And, to give mad props to our crazy smart dog, she is AMAZING in her crate. She goes in with no problems when she is sleepy, so getting her to sleep is a total breeze! And she is already learning that if she cries, we don't let her out. For the last two nights, she has let out one or two whimpers when she wakes up and needs to go out, enough that I hear her but not so much that she is really crying.

In a couple weeks, her bladder size will increase and life will be a whole lot prettier :)

And at the end of the day, who can resist this?!?

Wish us luck!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

i still miss you.

Today marks 10 years since my best friend passed away.

I still love you and miss you all the time.

I still dream about you, and I still dream about scenarios in which you come back to us.

Thank you for watching over me. I know you keep me going, and knowing you are up there and on my side makes every day easier.

On this day last year, I told you Freck was sick and she would be coming to join you soon. I guess you must have heard me, because the vet recently told Mom that she is doing great. We're grateful to have something of yours to still hold on to.

I love you, Grandma.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Gollasch's Adoption: Scentsy party!

Hello, blog readers. It is 11 pm on Sunday night, and I am getting around to writing this post after we finally put our new little puppy girl to bed. More on her in another post!

The beauty of the military and the internet is that when you combine those two things, you get support :) I have been a part of a few military SO (significant other) message boards since I started dating C in 2007. I have made some amazing friends and acquaintances online in the last nearly 5 years, and I have also had the pleasure of meeting several of these women in person!

So, when a fellow military SO is in need of a little help/support, it's time to act :)

Ashley and her husband Pat have been trying to have a baby for several years, to no avail. You can read more of their story at The Gollasch's Adoption blog. I haven't had the pleasure of meeting Ashley in person, but I can tell that she is a sweet and deserving woman.

As part of their fundraising efforts on their new path to adoption, they are hosting a Scentsy party. The Scentsy consultant was kind enough to donate her entire commission to Pat and Ashley's adoption efforts. And who doesn't love Scentsy???

Follow this link to order your Scentsy products to benefit Pat and Ashley's adoption fundraising!

If you want to help, but aren't into Scentsy (blashpemy, you should get into Scentsy!!), then you can follow this link to Pat and Ashley's fundraising website!

I hope you all consider helping out a very deserving couple as they start their adoption journey!

Friday, May 18, 2012

My product review: Exercise resistance bands

For my birthday, C got me exactly what I asked for---- exercise resistance bands!

I wanted bands because I had heard good things, and because I thought it might provide me more options during my P90X workouts, as opposed to just weights. I also am completely incapable of doing a pull-up, and they show you a modified way to simulate the action with bands, which I felt was more useful than hanging from the pull up bar lol.

C picked out these handles and a 30 lb band.

I'll just start by saying I LOVE having the bands. After using the 30 lb resistance one a few times, we went out and got a second band that is 50 lbs resistance. My next purchase will be a second set of handles so I don't have to swap out my bands all the time mid workout. Although, the more I think about the, I am pretty sure I can just put 3 bands in the 3 different slots and have an all in one tool!

My only caution with this particular type of handle, that may or may not be the same with other resistance bands, is that the shape of it makes it perfectly uncomfortable when doing curls. It hits the outside of my arm in just the right way that my arms are bruised/feel bruised for several days after using it. It is great for a variety of different other exercises that don't end up twisting it the way a curl does. However, doing curls with them hurt.

Overall, I definitely suggest get resistance bands for your workouts! I am loving using mine, and man is it easier to store than a bunch of heavy weights!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Puppy? Puppy!

Exciting news, world! C and I are getting a PUPPY!

I have held off on posting it here, since he was away for a few days and we hadn't made a final decision until tonight!

When his plane landed in Abilene, we took off immediately for the foster mama's house (much to C's chagrin, since it was 5 pm and he hadn't eaten since breakfast).

As a little back story, I found the pups on craigslist. The foster mama took in a pregnant dog that had been abandoned by her owners, presumably. The mom then had 9 of the cutest puppies known to man! Since then, the foster mama has been trying to find them homes. The foster mom, her two kids, and her husband are all moving to Amarillo on 5/26, which is the day the pups turn 6 weeks old. So she is really trying to get them rehomed asap.

I went to see the pups on Sunday with a friend, since I knew C and I were interested. I fell in love with the white girl (not really white, she is that super blonde lab color), but I knew C was set on getting a black lab. I was hoping I could persuade him to see things my way :)

Luckily, when we went back today, the little white pup played along with my plan and was fun and playful. She is also the runt of the litter, so that appealed to C. The black puppy was much less playful, and C said she seemed skittish.  C really wants a pup to play with, and I want a pup to love on, and the foster mama said the little white girl (it feels funny to type that lol) is affectionate but also playful.

Before I knew it, C told the foster mama "I think we'll be taking the runt of the litter off your hands." I pretty much started jumping up and down and applauding at that point :)

We still haven't picked a name, but she should be coming home this weekend! Due to the nature of the situation, the foster mom really needs them adopted ASAP. I am slightly concerned about getting her so young (5 weeks), but they have been approved by the vet since they are eating solids really well. I am also going to call the vet and see if we can get an appointment for first thing on Monday to get her started on her shots and make sure everything is ok.

We are super excited! And name suggestions are welcome!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Check it outtt!

I know, I know. I don't post for weeks and then you get 3 posts in 3 days!

But I just HAVE to post about my amazing new blog design, courtesy of Brea at Utterly Chaotic!


I worked with Brea on my previous design, and she is awesome! I gave her very little to work with in terms of what I wanted for this design, and she came up with this awesome look! I was looking to mature my blog look a little bit, without being totally boring. She nailed it!

If you are looking for a new blog design, go to Utterly Chaotic! She also has a military discount :)


Friday, May 11, 2012

MilSpouse Blog Hop Meet and Greet!

Today is May 11, which makes it Military Spouse Appreciation Day!

As we all know I am not a military spouse :P However, I am not letting that prevent me from participating in this fun blog hop!

I think it's awesome that the ladies behind Household 6 Diva and Riding the Roller Coaster decided to host this fabulous link up!

Since it is a Meet and Greet, you will once again be hearing about me :)

I am Abby! I am a 24 year old Maryland native who is currently embarking on a second hot summer in Texas. My favorite guy is a C-130 pilot in the Air Force, which is what brought us here to the Big Country.

We met in 2007 through a mutual friend, Eric. A group of us spent a couple days camping on the beach at Assateague Island, and C just couldn't resist my charming nature and how sexy I look when I camp. Oh and how sweet I am to not mock him or take pictures when he is ridiculously hungover :)

but really.....who can resist this sweet face??

When we met, I was still in school and C was just beginning a year of casual duty before he began pilot training. With so many unknowns, we still decided it would be a good idea to start a long distance relationship. For how realistic my guy is, I am amazed to this day that he started this journey with me.

Over the last 5 years, we have bought nearly 30 plane tickets between the two of us and spent at least $10,000 on airfare alone. Low balling it, I think we have flown about 120 flights in that time, since each plane ticket required at least 2 flights, and we almost always have layovers, making each plane ticket 4 flights. Sometimes we even had two

the first of many sad airport departures. We stopped taking pictures after this one, because I usually cried so much that I might have broken the camera with how awful I looked lol.

I moved to Abilene last March, putting an end to the crazy long distance relationship. C had finished training and I had finished school, and for the first time he is going to stay in one place for more than 6 months to a year (excluding deployment interruptions lol). We have been enjoying living in the same place at the same time, which was something we had never done before!

I feel like there is a lot more to say, but I don't want to bore you :)

I am excited to hop around the blogosphere and read more about MilSpouses!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Just hanging around

It seems I lose a lot of motivation when I have unlimited time to do things.

I've gotten lazy on my workouts, healthy eating, and quite obviously, blog posting.

I'm still hanging around applying to jobs all day. Ok, not all day. But as much as you possibly can in a place like Abilene.

I have been supremely lazy with working out, as typically happens when I try to DIVE IN to a workout plan. Working out 6 days a week apparently doesn't agree with my subconscious :)

However, I feel totally gross all the time now, so I know I need to get back to P90X and healthy eating. I got resistance bands from C for my birthday, and we bought a heavier resistance this week, as well as adjustable weight dumbbells for my birthday. So I have all the tools to not only complete the P90X workouts, but to improve my skills!

Does anyone else find the task of being really healthy really daunting?

If you see me on the internet tomorrow, ask me if I've worked out!!