Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Where did my puppy go???

Piper is HUGE!

I think getting her at 5 weeks gave me a really skewed perspective lol. She is only 10.5 weeks old, and I feel like she is a fully grown dog lol.

And this is Piper tonight, on her way home from her adventures! I miss her mucho, I get to see her tomorrow! Does he look tired to you?? (Apparently C stuffed her in there with all her toys, which might be why her face is up against the door lol)

Aaaand finally, the bed we just purchased. C and I spent way too much time researching this, since that's just who we are :)

dog not included.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I learned another thing about myself...

.....I am not intended for a job that requires extensive travel!

In January, I went to Charlotte, NC, for a work conference for 3 days, and was so so so ready to go back to Abilene after about a day.

Today, I headed to Dallas for work training until Thursday, and I am already ready to go home!

Perhaps it isn't about the travel and is more about my need for control. On both trips, I did not have a vehicle, and on this trip, I didn't see a single restaurant as we drove in. I am going to ask tomorrow at the front desk, but it doesn't look like anything is in walking distance. I hate being stuck somewhere!

I also miss my puppy girl. She is staying with friends right now, and I am thinking about her constantly, wondering what she's doing, if she's ok, if she is giving them a really hard time, etc. I can't wait to go home on Thursday and see her!

On the bright side, our friends also have a dog so Piper is finally getting some dog interaction. The vet suggested we wait until she is completely finished with her vaccinations to let her play with other (known) dogs, but due to this situation (and the fact that I don't really agree with the vet), she got to make a new friend today. I got a picture texted to me of both girls sharing one of Piper's toys, and it made me happy for her!

btw doesn't Piper look huge?! We finally put her on the next size up collar!

And of course, I miss my love. With our lifestyle and the hold the military has on C's every move, I wouldn't likely consider a position that required extensive travel, since I'm pretty sure we would never see each other!

Would you ever take a job that required extensive travel?

Friday, June 22, 2012

See you later...

Last night, I had to say goodbye to my brother. The Air Force has decided it's time for him to move on.

He has been stationed at the same base as C, and was actually here long before we got orders to Dyess. I never expected to live in the same place as my brother again once he graduated from college and commissioned into the Air Force. So this was a pleasant surprise? I don't think he thought it was all that pleasant when I moved here, but I did :P

We have lived in the same town for the last 15 months, and about 3 months ago I moved in with him after I quit my job. I would say we got a lot closer once I moved in, since we just spent more time together. We were both more inclined to just hang out with each other than we were when I was living in my apartment.

When I moved in with C, I missed my brother a lot. Another feeling I didn't quite expect :) My brother and I spent 15 years in the same house, but we were never best friends and while I always hated saying goodbye to him, I never thought my life was missing much by him being in the Air Force and living elsewhere. Once I got to live with him again and spend so much more time together, I realized my life is missing something important when I'm away from him.

I would not trade this experience of living in the same place for anything, especially living together. I feel like, for both of us, we have gotten much closer and actually enjoy each other. We hang out because we want to, not just because we are related. I now consider my brother one of my best friends, and even though I always knew that I could count on him, the way he stepped up and helped me out when I chose to quit my job and had nowhere to go solidified what I already knew. It's something I can't ever pay back.

I love you brudder! I couldn't ask for anything more in a brother :)

Monday, June 18, 2012

Just for fun....

This was a couple weeks ago, but she is just so damn cute!!!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Still settling in...

Still settling in with the puppy girl, so I haven't had much to say!

On a fun note, here are a few pics of Piper enjoying her puppy pool! Last week, we tried to get her in it and she hated every second. Then, two days later, we gave her a bath and she was far from thrilled with us for that one, too. So today, on impulse, I decided to fill up her pool with a few inches of water.

You know how it is when you get in a body of water.....the legs aren't bad, but when the water hits your stomach, it's awful! So I think Piper didn't like being in deeper water.

I had to bribe her in initially, but she popped in a few times on her own!

what she thinks her pool is really for - an extra large water bowl