Thursday, July 26, 2012

Bag Lady

6 weeks ago, I started a new job at the local airport! I figured it would be cool to work for the airlines, and I assumed there were some awesome flight benefits.

I was certainly right about the flight benefits. I can fly round trip to Baltimore for $40!!

It is also a crazy interesting job for someone who has spent the last 5 years flying regularly.  It is pretty cool to be behind the scenes, and having access to the secure areas has its perks too!

My flyboy and I had lunch with a friend who was visiting the area yesterday, along with the rest of his flying crew. When asked if I worked, I explained that I am working at the airport and most of what I am doing right now involves being out at the airplane ("on the ramp", if you know the lingo :P) loading bags.

From that point on, I was affectionately referred to as the Bag Lady. That's a title I never thought I'd have :)

Now it's time to put these super cheap flights to use!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Laziness gone too far...

So for a couple weeks there, I was happily going along logging my daily eats in and doing P90X every day, with a few runs thrown in.

And then we got Piper, and I let myself fall off the wagon. I am also eating whatever I want. Both of these things are resulting in an increasing waistline and number on the scale.

I need to get myself into a morning habit of running. I am working weird hours with my new job (did I tell you I got a job at the airport?), but with Piper, I am pretty much guaranteed to be woken up by 6 am every day. I need to take advantage of the early morning wake up call and go for a run while the weather isn't miserable.

How do you get yourself back on the workout wagon?

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Food Glorious Food!

After another few week hiatus, I MUST tell you all about a delicious way I've started eating hot dogs!

My friend Victoria taught me this technique, and I think she said she saw Bobby Flay do it?? I can't take credit for it, but I can promise to eat at least 50% of all my future hot dogs this way.

It's simple.....make Caprese salad and put it on top of your hot dog!

The first time I did this, I followed Victoria's steps........cut up mozzarella, cut up cherry tomatoes, chop up basil, and add olive oil and some red wine vinegar.

The second time, I completely forgot about olive oil and red wine vinegar, and it was still delicious!

apparently it's so good, I can't even take a picture before I take a bite.

I was SUPER skeptical at first, but once I ate a bite, I was hooked. Give it a try......I promise you won't forget it! (if you like caprese salad)