Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Happy 5th Anniversary to us!

5 years later, and still going strong! C and I officially became a couple on September 26, 2007 :)

Fall 2007

Fall 2008

Fall 2009

Fall 2010

Summer 2011 (Fall 2011 was spent in Afghanistan!)

Fall 2012 (the rest of Fall 2012 is being spent in Afghanistan, too)

I love you babe!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

4 months!

TODAY commemorates 4 months since we brought our little pup home!

I affectionately refer to her as "Little Baby Piper", but she is far from my little baby anymore!

Day 1- May 18

4 months later!

I can't believe how big my baby pup has gotten.

The picture with C is such a great comparison, cause in the first picture she is barely as tall as his leg! We have been settling in with just the two of us since C left a couple weeks ago. He will be gone for a while, so Piper and I need to get used to just us two. 

I have been sprucing things up a little bit, finally hanging some things around the house that I wanted to hang and busting out some Fall decorations. I am enjoying seeing the little spruces come together.....I hope C likes it too when he gets home :P

My mom is coming to visit on Thursday, and I'm pretty pumped to have her here. She will be in Austin for work, so we are going to attempt to use my airline benefits to get her from Austin to Abilene.

Speaking of airline benefits, I hopped a few planes last week to get home to Baltimore and back to Abilene, and it only cost me $40! Major win! I had 3 days off in a row, and got off early on my "Friday", so I flew home! It was risky, flying standby, but it all worked out for me and it was an awesome jaunt home.

My mom and I were also able to start thinking about WEDDING plans :) I even got to try on some wedding dresses! The fiance reads this blog, so there won't be any pictures, but I found some awesome dresses!

Since this isn't a secret, here is my PROBABLE inspiration board for the wedding......I am pretty sure these are my colors!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Big news!

Hello blog friends. How are you on this lovely Thursday afternoon?

How am I, you ask? Oh, you know, just ENGAGED!

That's right........C popped the question and I said yes!

How did it happen, you ask? In typical us fashion :)

Several weeks ago, we visited C's family in Indiana and went to a local jeweler there to scope out rings. We had vaguely glanced at rings before, but this time C actually got within 6 feet of the display cases :P He also let me TOUCH them! I found a few rings I LOVED, but we were leaving for Abilene the next morning, so I didn't think there was much chance he was going to buy there.

Little did I know, when we got back to the house, C talked to his dad, who proceeded to make up a bogus story about going to the bakery to pick up something for dessert. He invited C to go with him, and off they went. I stayed at home with C's mom, and we chatted and made dinner. (I chatted, she made dinner :P I am such a terrible house guest!)   C and his dad returned with dessert in hand, and I was none the wiser.

Fast forward to the last two weeks or so. I was going insane! I knew C was going to propose before he deployed again, which sadly he did on Tuesday, and with each day that passed I was going a little more insane in anticipation! On Saturday morning, I got home from work around 11:30. He had texted me around 10 am saying he was going to the gym. I figured he was just doing a longer workout..........until 1 pm rolls around and he still isn't home! When he showed up right around 1, he told me that he had stayed extra long to do weights, and then went for a run outside, but that it was so hot that his time was terrible and then he sat in the car for a while recovering. (Insert laughter that I bought that bogus story, hook line and sinker)

Where was he really? Picking up the ring from friends who had taken custody of it that morning from the UPS man. It had taken so long to get the ring in at the jeweler, and then it had to be overnighted to ensure it got here in time! Since it was a holiday weekend and he was leaving on Tuesday, if they hadn't gotten it on Saturday, I'm not sure what would have happened :P

Apparently, he intended to propose on Saturday night, but I ruined his plans :) We went to a first birthday party on Saturday afternoon, where I think a handful of my friends knew he had a ring, and then he planned to take me out for dinner and pop the question. However, my old coworker was in town and I made plans for us to go to dinner with her and her new boyfriend. So I could have been engaged for a whole day longer, but I ruined it!

So on Sunday, we putzed around, got breakfast, stopped at base, stopped at Lowe's, etc. He apparently had the ring in his pocket the whole time and I had NO CLUE. The moment he was looking for just never happened (possibly cause I started arguing with him on the way to base haha) and so he held on to it. However, he suggested we go to a nicer dinner that night and we ended up at Olive Garden. It was a Sunday night in Abilene, our options were either Olive Garden or Jimmy John's :)

Now to the good part! I drove, and he was looking at me very strangely when we got to OG. I actually said "Why are you being so weird??" before I got out of the car. We ate, had atrocious service, and my food was mediocre. At that point, he suggested we do something fun the next day, so I assumed he was trying to find somewhere to go to propose. Little did I know, the proposal was in my immediate future.

We went and got back in the car to leave, and he was once again staring at me really strangely. Again, I said "Why are you looking at me so weirdly??" I popped the car into gear, and he said "Put the car back in park." I glanced away for a second as I put the car back in park, and when I looked back he was holding the ring! I was seriously surprised, which is VERY hard to accomplish since I have an extremely active imagination :) I started crying, he asked me to marry him, and I think I said yes :P

So yes, we got engaged in my car :) If you know us, this is actually very fitting. For the first 2 years we dated, I think we spent 90% of our relationship in the car, road tripping somewhere. And I LOVE my car, so I can't think of a better place!

I'm not sure how I got so lucky......the ring is perfect, the proposal was perfect for us, and the man is absolutely perfect for me :)

our awesome friends who took the ring delivery also came over with champagne to celebrate with us!

can't you see the love???

aaaaaand the ring :) He picked out the perfect ring for me!

and us posing with my car, the special spot :)

He is now deployed, and I am sad, but I have wedding planning to keep me busy until he comes home! And I have my pup to keep me company!

can you believe how big she has gotten?? Cause I can't!