Friday, November 23, 2012

ruh roh......101 in 1001

Well, I forgot......but my 1001 days allotted for 101 in 1001 ended on November 13! Who knew haha.

Needless to say, I did not do a spectacular job. I finished 44 of my 101 tasks. Many more than that were in progress, but come November 13, they were not completed :(

I think it's time to make a new list. I enjoyed having the list, because it did keep me somewhat focused on accomplishing some things. Unfortunately, I got a little too vague on some of my items, or said "once a month", which meant if I forgot and missed a month, then I pretty much gave up on it.

I'm excited to start a new list! I think I will also set up some reminders in my phone.....I definitely forgot about my 101 list several times!

Keep your eyes opened for my new 101 list!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Update! Lots to talk about!

Well, I will start this post off with the most important information of the day......Piper is 7 months old! This last month went fast and slow at the same time. It feels crazy that she's only 7 months old, but the last month seemed to fly by, so it's weird.

She has become a really fun dog. She is still a lot of work, and she has taken to attacking our kitchen, which I am not a fan of. At night, she sleeps in her crate next to the bed, right next to me. But during the day, when I go to work or go out, we started letting her just stay in the kitchen. It started with crating her in her travel crate in the kitchen, and then moved to leaving the crate door open with the baby gate up, so she was confined to the kitchen.

she lives a really rough life :)

As she outgrew the travel crate, we put her big fluffy bed in the kitchen and just put the gate up. We have been doing this for.....probably 3-4 months. But now.....she has started assaulting the kitchen in her boredom. Mostly, since C left. When he was here, she spent a lot less time alone, overall. Now, she regularly spends 8 hours in the kitchen when I go to work. So instead of chewing on her toys (which are plentiful), she chews on the door frame, the REFRIGERATOR (stainless steel!), scratches at the cabinets, and digs at the drywall.

Other than that, she is fun :) I was sick a few weeks ago, the kind of sick that keeps you on the sofa unable to move. She wasn't thrilled about the lack of playing we were doing, but it's like she knew I wasn't up for it. She found ways to play and entertain herself, and otherwise stayed close and snuggled with me.

We go to the dog park almost daily, although the cold weather is now limiting our trips. She has tons of dog park friends, and everyone seems happy when she gets there. She absolutely loves other dogs, and she reminds me of the kid on the playground that is like "Hey, I'm Piper, what's your name, wanna play, wanna play, I wanna play, do you wanna play with me???" She also has a crazy understanding attitude towards aggressive dogs. It's like she doesn't get offended or scared when other dogs bark aggressively at her or act she's saying "It's ok, you're probably having a bad day, we can try to be friends again later."

Every time C sees her on skype, he is convinced she has doubled in size (each time lol). Since he left, she has almost doubled in weight though.

In other news, wedding plans are trucking right along! As I mentioned before, we have the date! And we are now under 10 months until the big day! I can't believe it sometimes :)

We have the church, reception venue, and the DJ, so far. And since we are having the reception at a hotel, it includes the catering, cake, linens, etc. So a lot of aspects can be checked off because we have the venue. My next goal is the photographer, which I have narrowed down to 3. Lots of things to consider!

C has been gone for over 2 months, and Piper and I miss him every day. We are more than ready for him to come home, but we will make it through!

I won't make any empty promises about writing more. Apparently, I fail. But hopefully, I will write more :) I am going to attempt to start working out and eating right so I feel and look great on our wedding day! So maybe I'll write about that :)