Saturday, March 30, 2013

Getting my workout on!

Well, since C has been home, I jumped on the workout wagon with him.

He had been working out consistently in Afghanistan, but really kicked it up for his last 2 months there to lose a little weight and tone up his muscles more. He also started training for a half marathon, so his runs are insane now.

I tell him other people he looks like Captain America now, and he gets very annoyed with me :) But is ridiculous how slim he is now. It's all muscle, with 0 fat on top of the muscle!

However, as hot as he is (and has always been), he severely threw the "relationship hotness" ratio out of balance. He is now WAY hotter than me, and that just won't work :P My eating has been pretty close to on target, since he is trying to stay in shape too and therefore not falling back into his old food ways, and therefore not dragging me to the darkside with him. However, my workouts are admittedly pretty lame.

So, I joined the gym he belongs to and we just concluded our first week of workouts. Our week looks like this

Monday: Run/Cardio. I am supposed to go for a "long" run (which for me is still like 2-3 miles) at a slower pace, whatever I need to do to finish that run.

Tuesday: Chest and triceps. This week, this workout included bench press, incline bench press, decline bench press, cable pulls (I wish I had a more descriptive name), and tricep extensions. Throughout, we did a variety of abs sets. Each exercise was done in 3 sets, 8-10 reps per set (usually, unless I was working with super heavy weight ). Afterwards, we do some sort of cardio for 15 minutes. On Tuesday, it was a walk on the treadmill, incline of 10 at 3.5 mph.

Wednesday: Another cardio day. I went for a run.

Thursday: Back and biceps (the opposite of Tuesday). I can't remember what we did this day, cause we forgot the little notebook I am writing all my exercises in. I know we did some (assisted) pullups and I can't really remember what else. After, we did bike intervals for 15 minutes.

Friday: Another run, although I was supposed to do intervals. I did 2. 1/2 mile each. It was not a great day lol.

Saturday: LEGS and shoulders. I hate legs day. We did goblet squats, bent leg dead lifts, lunges, dumb bell shoulder presses, clean and press with kettle bells, shoulder raises to the side and front, and some cable pull thing that C didn't have a name for. Afterwards, he jumped rope like a crazy person for 15 minutes, and I walked for 15 minutes while enjoying the classic Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughan film "The Breakup".

So far, I am tired. The muscle ache feels great, and the workouts themselves feel good. But my runs are awful, and my steps feel sluggish. I am confident that after I make this more of a habit, it will start to feel better, especially on my cardio days. I also plan to mix it up with some classes at the gym, instead of just running.

Overall, C is an awesome trainer. He can tell when I am reaching my limits, or am really frustrated that I am reaching my limits, and he encourages me and helps me. I wasn't sure I would like training with him, but I really do.

I took some before pictures, which are pretty gross, but hopefully in a couple weeks I will start seeing some progress. The goal is HOTTNESS by June, when I will likely have my first wedding dress fitting.

I'll be back soon with some new recipes I have been trying and LOVING.

p.s. C is super hot when he is working out. I never realized fitness and muscles could be so hot!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Family weekend!

C and I had the pleasure of attending his brother's wedding reception this past weekend!

We were pretty pumped, because initially we weren't sure he would be home in time. But he made it and we made it!

We trekked to Delaware on Friday evening after I got off work, and headed back on Sunday evening. We spent less than 48 hours on the East Coast, but it was worth it.

On Friday night, we stayed with my parents in Baltimore since we got in so late. We took off for Delaware on Saturday morning and met C's family for breakfast. We proceeded to spend the rest of the day together, catching up and meeting our new sister-in-law (well, my new sister-in-law come September!) and Sierra's boyfriend. It was a great afternoon spent with family.

On Saturday night, we all got dolled up and headed to the reception. It was a great opportunity to celebrate with family, since the happy couple got married in a small ceremony in January and we were unable to attend that.

C's grandparents and uncle were able to attend, in addition to his parents, sister, and us. So the entire family was together! I can't express how happy I am to be joining this family, although my slightly intoxicated self sure did try on Saturday :)

And here are a few pics from the reception for your viewing pleasure!

the whole fam!

parents and kids!

C and his sister!

C and his brother, the groom!

C and his mom

the brothers and me

future sisters-in-law!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Welcome Home!

He's arrived! My favorite flyboy is home :)

Last night, on a beautiful Texas evening with very minimal wind and 70* temperatures, my flyboy came home to me.

I anxiously waited in growing anticipation, knowing he was in the cockpit of that plane. When you are surrounded by pilots and pilot's wives all the time, the shock value wears off. But watching that plane land, and knowing he was the Aircraft Commander, made me extremely proud.

Once we could get right up next to the plane, I could see him in the cockpit. I was willing him with my Jedi Mind tricks to look out the window, but it took him another couple minutes to finally look out.

You can only see legs when they start walking out of the plane, so each pair of legs that appear in the doorway bring a little excitement, and then they duck down and a head pops out, and you think "Nope, not mine." When it was finally his head and face and body that came out of the plane, the anticipation was ridiculous.

Last time he came home from a deployment, I cried a little bit. This time, as soon as I saw him I couldn't stop the tears, and I was trying to keep from being a blubbery mess, so I couldn't even talk. I think he said "How are you?" and I couldn't even form words for a little bit.

Deployments are long and hard and, some days, absolutely miserable. But I have never felt in my entire life the anticipation and excitement and overwhelming thankfulness that you feel when you see your love's face at the end of a deployment, safe on American soil. We dated for 3.5 years long distance, so we are not strangers to exciting airport reunions. But there is truly nothing that compares to this feeling.

photo credit goes to some incredible friends, Victoria Furnary and Michelle Miller Photography, who I am eternally grateful for.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Nothing puts a smile on my face like a homecoming!

....even if it isn't OUR homecoming :)

Many of my friends were reunited with their loved ones over the past couple days, and I thought I was going to have to become a recluse while I waited for my flyboy to get home. I didn't think that watching everyone else get excited and reunite would be something I wanted to witness while our time apart was still ticking away.

However, I have amazing friends here that I wanted to support by attending their big days, instead of selfishly wallowing in my own self pity :) I wasn't able to make the first one due to work, and I was bummed about that. Luckily, I was able to see pictures :)

I think going to the other homecomings is building anticipation in a good way. Watching others reunite is amping up my excitement to be reunited with my favorite guy. It is also a seriously unique experience to get to see families and couples reunited after so much time apart.

The military lifestyle is hard, there is no doubt about that. But I don't think I would trade the experiences and the friendships for anything different. I got to witness a friend complete her first deployment (definitely a rite of passage) and welcome her boyfriend home with open arms. I got to watch another friend greet her husband with their three children after surviving 6+ months basically as a single mom. Another friend had a 3 month old baby when her husband left, and now has a munchkin approaching 10 months old, and yet another friend who said goodbye to her husband with a 2 year old and a 6 month old welcomed him home with a 3 year old and a 1 year old. And countless others, some that I know and some that I only know by their excited faces over the last few days.

So today, I am happily thinking of all of our friends who have been reunited with their husbands and wives and children, and anxiously awaiting our turn. I am also thankful to all of them, servicemembers and families, for the sacrifices they make for our country.

Welcome home!

photo by Cassie Deal Photography

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Let's distract myself.....

.......cause my favorite guy will be home relatively soon, and I am EXCITED.

I keep thinking of blog things to write, but I always think of them at work when Big Brother is watching (oh and I'm working) and I never write them down. Yada yada yada.

So this may be more of a ramble. The theme will be my awesome meal plan.

I have now been doing the meal plan courtesy of Ashley (like I really need to link to it, it may have been weeks ago but it's only two posts ago :facepalm:) for 4.5 weeks.

Initially, I dropped pounds fast. Unfortunately, I have found I have a hard time staying on track over the weekend. I don't want to completely deprive myself, so if friends want to go out to eat, I always say yes. And then the diet goes to hell.

Another thing I noticed is that when I "ran out" of food, I went back to easy things like Subway or Chikfila. I still tried to be healthy, so I wasn't downing Taco Bell tacos, but it was still fast food. By running out of food, I mean I ran out of pre-prepared meals. The first two weeks of the plan, I made full recipes and only ate 2-3 that week, so I have at least 3 dishes that I had 4-5 frozen portions of. When I finally ate through all of those, it was several weeks later.

To combat this, I had a cooking weekend......I made some of my favorite plan dishes and pre-portioned them out in tupperware and froze them. So I am a little bit ahead of the game!

The scale is reflecting my effort a little bit. I feel better during my workouts, and I am enjoying the healthy food I am eating and am only somewhat tempted by unhealthy food. I am PROUD of my myfitnesspal entries now. I eat without guilt now, because I know I am fueling my body with healthier food.

I also noticed I can't really eat like I used to. I went out to dinner with friends on Friday, and I ate a few pieces of the loaf of bread we got on the table, as well as 8 fried shrimp, a pile of mashed potatoes, and a pile of creamed corn. I left that table literally feeling like I was going to explode, whereas in the past that would have been a normal meal I could eat without a problem.

I also feel like I look slimmer........let me hunt down some pictures to see if you think I'm crazy.

ok this is the best I can find.....

October 2012


Either way, I FEEL BETTER and I couldn't ask for much more (although a few pounds lost would be nice).

Hopefully this ends my blog posts drought.

love to you blog friends!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

2 years

Unreal. I have been in Abilene for 2 years today!

I absolutely cannot believe it has been that long. I remember when my parents drove out of town after helping me move, thinking my life would never be the same.

I was life is certainly not the same! But in so many ways, it is better. In these last two years, C and I have endured (and survived) 2 deployments, job changes on my part, excessive training on his part, getting our little fur child, and getting engaged!

I can't wait until this time next year, when I can look back at another year of our lives spent in good ol' Abilene. By then, Piper will be almost 2 years old and possibly slightly less crazy, and we will have been married for nearly 6 months! We'll also probably be looking at a move, hopefully to somewhere super cool.