Sunday, April 28, 2013

we run to remember.

C and I had the pleasure of attending the OKC Memorial Marathon/Half Marathon/5k running event this weekend. This specific race is a memorial event in memory of the Oklahoma City bombing on April 19, 1995.

we got to hang out in OKC, which is a cool town! And C finally got to show off HIS hometown, Midwest City! (we spend a lot of time wandering my old stomping in grounds in Baltimore)

C has been training for this half marathon since February, and when a friend suggested the OKC Memorial run as his first race, he was super excited. C spent a good portion of his life in the suburbs of Oklahoma City, and he and his family lived there in 1995 when the Murrah Federal Building was bombed. This race took on some extra meaning for him, and it was an awesome race to be a part of.

He decided to train specifically for it about 8 weeks ago, and there was no reasonable way I could train up to a half marathon before then, so I decided to do the 5k instead. It was a nice race, a little hilly at parts, but a good motivator to get me refocused on my running.

We have decided we want to do the Air Force Marathon in September, 2 weeks after the wedding. C wants to train up to a full 26.2, and I am going to plan for the half. We are recruiting friends and family members as we speak - all are welcome!

My amazing other half finished under his goal pace! He hit the finish line 1:36:12 after he started! That averages out close to a 7:18 pace!

In other news, we have decided to whiten our teeth for the wedding. Me, because I'm vain. Him, because he is vain and a heavy coffee drinker. We ordered a set our friend recommended off of Amazon (Crest White Professional Effects something something something). We wear them for 30 minutes a day for 20 days. We are, at this very moment, enduring session one. My teeth and gums are tingling a little bit, and I suck at having things stuck to my teeth like this, but 30 minutes is nothing if we get bright shiny smiles!

Hope everyone had a great weekend! My pup is PASSED OUT after hanging out with friends this weekend while we were gone, and I am basking in that by watching the Amazing Race and lounging on the couch, dreaming about being on this show. Who's with me?

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Engagement Pictures!

While C and I were in Baltimore last weekend, we had the pleasure of meeting up with our wedding photographer, Kirsten Marie Photography. I had met with Kirsten before, when we booked her, but C was deployed at the time and hadn't met her until this point.

The engagement shoot was part of our package, but I would have wanted to shoot with her prior to the wedding anyway. I feel like it will make all the difference in how our wedding photography goes. I sometimes feel like C is stiff in pictures, and I probably have some questionable picture habits too, so I am glad she was able to shoot us and get a feel for us and our relationship.

We had a really fun time with her. We started on the top of Federal Hill and got some skyline shots, made our way down and across the street to the Inner Harbor, where we got some pics on the water and against city architecture, and all around had a hilarious time. We apparently are super awkward at taking pictures, so we got a ton of pics of us laughing.

Kirsten posted this Sneak Peek on her blog yesterday, and I am itching to see the rest of the pictures!

Thanks so much, have me extra excited for our big day now!

edit::: Just got the link for all the pics! Man, apparently C and I have an issue with looking normal/not laughing :P Check out the rest!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Happy birthday to my sweet Piper!

Happy Birthday, Piper!

You may be a nut job, but I love you anyway :)

You are so goofy sometimes, and I thoroughly enjoy it. Like when you decided to stretch with, how were you ever so small??

And we can't forget, you're a total rockstar.

not to mention a great snuggle buddy.

and an awesome workout partner.

and a fantastic deployment buddy.

Happy FIRST birthday, Pipe. Even though you are a dog, you're my little furry child and we love you!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Exercise update!

I feel like so much time has passed since we started working out, but it was only one or two blog posts ago......whoops!

C and I finished our 3rd week of workouts, and I am still feeling pretty motivated! We have had consistently good strength/lifting workouts. I haven't noticed a huge difference in my body or on the scale, but C says he can see a lot of improvement in my form, which I'll take.

I am hoping to revamp my cardio a little bit, in hopes of finally shedding some pounds. I am not super disheartened, because we have eaten terribly the last couple weekends while visiting family and being out of town, but I wish I was seeing more progress on the scale. The first dress fitting is coming!

In other news, we had a great visit to Baltimore to do wedding things and see people. As always, there is never enough time in a day to see everyone we want to see, and we came back more exhausted than when we left. However, we got a lot of wedding things done, and we are officially licensed to wed!

In Maryland, you can get your wedding license up to 6 months prior to the wedding. Since I wasn't sure when we would be back in Baltimore on a weekday, before the wedding, we just took care of it. It was fun to do together!

So, that's the update. I am still committed to working out and eating healthy, even if it isn't always fun to do. (Pizza is wayyyyy more fun). (Eating out is also wayyyy more fun). That being said, we came home on Monday night, and from Tuesday through today, we only ate out one time, for a Friday night dinner with friends. We ate reasonably, too, so it shouldn't be a huge issue for us!

Hope everyone is having a great day!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Puppy training

So a lot of my friends in Abilene are popping out babies. That is not on the horizon for us, and other than 'ahhhhh tiny babies are so cute!", I have very little to say about the topic.

However, our friends just got a new puppy, and of course I have tons to say about that. Who doesn't love puppies? Little Em is so soft and tiny, and her skin is still puppy-loose, and she SMELLS like puppy----I had no idea I would miss puppy smell that much!

We are fast approaching Miss Piper's 1st Birthday (April 14, all birthday cards and presents can be addressed to her personal assistant, Abby) and this new little pup reminded me of the trials and tribulations of having a little puppy dog! So I figured I would share some of the tips and things I personally learned while raising a puppy. Disclaimer- we are by no means dog raising experts. Our only qualification is that we have kept Piper alive for the last year.

1.     Puppies are not humans. I understand. But for a new fur mama, puppies feel like babies. They feel like your baby. Everything she does is just SO CUTE and must be photographed and put on Facebook immediately (my FB friends will attest to this), even if the result is 1237 pictures of the little princess sleeping. This little princess is also extremely dependent. Generally, puppies are. But our little Pipe came home when she was only 5 weeks old (4 weeks 6 days, to be exact), so she was way behind the curve. She needed every single bit of attention that I had to give her, and when I ran out, she needed more.

2.     Potty training is much easier with 2 people. Dog raising in general is much easier with two people. I imagine it's similar to having a baby. The tag team effort is awesome. While I tried to keep my eyes on her little body at all times, occasionally I tore them away to do trivial things like eat or take a shower. That is when she would inevitably need to pee immediately right in that spot. We took to carrying Piper immediately outside whenever she woke up from a nap or pretty much stood from a seated position lol. Any shifting in that tiny bladder can easily bring on the need to pee. We also carried her because there was much less risk she would pee while I was running to the back door than if she was stumbling along slowly on her puppy legs, likely running into things. I know people always say, just take your dog out a LOT and they will get it. But it seriously is true. We tried to never give her the opportunity to pee inside by having her outside at the most likely times she would need to go. She wasn’t perfect, and definitely had her accidents, but I am proud to say she was 90% potty trained by about 8 weeks.

3.     Invest in LOTS of toys. C and I were reminiscing today about little baby Piper's habits, and we were both happy to say that while she chewed 3 phone chargers in her early days, she doesn't chew on furniture or MOST cords (the entire back of the tv/DVR/xbox/PS3/amplifier is exposed to her, and she has never touched a cord back there….she will gingerly pick her ball up out of the pile of cords if it happens to go back there). She is in no way an angel, but I think having an excessive reasonable supply of yummy things to chew on kept her from being interested in tasteless power cords. We are also big Kong supporters. We used to have 3-4 Kongs prepared with kibble and peanut butter, frozen for her teething gum's pleasure. She would be distracted for a long time, and kept learning that chewing on THOSE things gave her yummy rewards.

4.     Train regularly. This one I can attest to personally. Since I don’t do it. C has been training her since the day we brought her home at 5 weeks. And she listens to him WAYYYY more than she listens to me. She is super smart and picks up on commands quickly. Right now, she is a finicky teenager and thinks she's too cool for school, so getting her to always follow the commands is not always easy. However, the knowledge is all there and with the right motivation, she definitely performs. C still likes to get up with her in the morning and train with her for a little bit. We did clicker training, which I can't say enough good things about, and here's a bit of advice- we trained Piper with kibble initially. I asked the vet about what treats would be ok for her tiny baby body, and he said at that age, she wouldn't know/care the difference between kibble and actual treats. Eating was a treat to her lol. So Piper is not a treat addict. My parent's dog barks and barks for treats, but Piper has never done that. I think we also tend to randomly reward her for good behavior, or give her a stuffed Kong if she isn't doing anything bad (read: a stuffed Kong is my short term babysitter).

5.  Enjoy it- the time passes quickly. 10 months ago, I said to myself “I CANNOT WAIT UNTIL SHE IS FULLY GROWN!” Now, I am thrilled she isn’t a puppy anymore… but I miss my tiny baby. So make sure to soak up the moments with their little tiny baby selves. I thought I was weird because when we got Piper, I was so so so overwhelmed by her. No one had ever been so dependent on me. I wasn’t used to that responsibility. Little did I know, puppies tend to take over the lives of a lot of people when they are little. So don’t feel bad if you bring your little pup home and suddenly feel super trapped and overwhelmed.

Ok, that’s just my two cents! Take it or leave it J