Friday, August 2, 2013

We might as well have an HGTV show

So my lovely man friend is a very good interior decorator. He has a minimal decorating style, but he does a really nice job. Most of the decorating in our house was done by him before I moved in.

(Thank you Carrie Bradshaw for giving me the term "man friend"......I will be a little sad to have to stop using it when he is my husband.)

However, my man friend is not without faults. He purchased a lovely mirror to hang on the wall.....and then hung it so high that only his dad would be able to see himself in it. If I stood clear across the room, I could see to about my eyebrows.

So recently, we decided to relocate the mirror (where it now acts as a spectacular nearly full length mirror for me to check myself out in) and turn the formerly half used wall into a gallery wall.

However, this is no simple task. Not in our household, anyway. This was a task for Pinterest! To start off, we purchased a roll of craft paper. We held the craft paper up against the wall in the general area we wanted to get a size estimate. After that, we did a little cutting and taping to make our template.

After we created our template, we realized we needed some frames to move forward. Otherwise, we just had a big piece of brown paper to put on the wall. So C and his creative self (and a little help from Pinterest) came up with a design idea. We played around in Microsoft Publisher with it, so we could get size estimations, and then we headed off to Michael's in search of frames.

When we got there, I immediately noticed the "Buy one get one free" signs on MOST of the picture frames. I made it my mission to make sure we only picked up BOGO frames and that we checked out in such a way that we got the most bang for our buck. We perused the aisles of Michael's for probably 45 minutes, playing with our design a bit and picking out frames we liked. We decided on all black frames, but wanted different frame thickness and textures.

Once we got home, it was time to assemble our masterpiece. However, this was also no simple task in our house, because I happen to be marrying an OCD guy who busted out the laser level and yardstick in order to ensure our masterpiece was perfect. (I appreciate all the effort he put in, because if I had been in charge, the wall would look verrrrrrrrry different......)

Pipe didn't want to be left out!

After we got the photos laid out perfectly, C traced each frame with precision. Our goal (as seen on Pinterest) was to then tape the paper to the wall and put our nails in with ease. However, even after tracing the frames beautifully, each frame had a different type of hanger or different measurements to that hanger. So out came the yardstick again to get the measurements down perfectly. Lots of crawling around on the floor took place to get it right.

"Don't worry guys, I'll make sure no one comes over here and messes this up.......oh sorry, I think I just hit that frame with my head while I was stretching, that's not a problem right?"

I wish I could show you what we looked like getting this thing on the wall, making sure it was level and in the right spot, etc., but sadly it took all of our hands to accomplish it. However, here is the finished paper product.

After that, C simply hammered a nail into the designated spot on each "frame" on the paper. We peeled the paper off the wall, which was super easy, and got to work actually hanging our frames to see the fruits of our labor. Once we got everything up, we realized 3 frames were a bit off. However, they were super quick fixes and we had it done within a few minutes.

The finished product!The center frame has a picture, since I bought it a couple weeks as an inspiration frame for the rest of our wall. Once I bought it, I had to get a print for it :P But the rest of the frames are still empty! We placed an order today at (50% off til the end of July!) for all the prints we are 90% sure we want to put in there. We are leaving the top left big frame for a wedding picture, but everything else will be filled!

And my mom tells me we are too narcissistic and have too many pictures of ourselves, so we tried really hard to get a good representation of our friends and family up there too! Can't wait for the pics to get here so we can really enjoy our new wall!

I highly suggest the craft paper saved a lot of time and headache, I think!

and then Piper was exhausted from all her hard work.