Saturday, October 26, 2013

Halloween Fun

Hello world! How's it going? All is good here :)

Collin and I went to a Halloween party last's an Abilene tradition that our friends do a BIG Halloween party every year. Collin has never gone due to deploying all the time lol, but I had been before and we decided to really put together a costume this year. We have done Halloween together once before, but I flew in the day before to Pensacola and we threw together a costume that was admittedly generic.

I'm not a big supporter of "Sexy [Insert Costume Idea Here]" so we were a non-sexy detective and jailbird. We know, lame.
But this year we decided to do something fun---- Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head! My awesome husband spent the afternoon yesterday cutting out eyes and ears and noses and mouths. I only got one picture, but this costume was actually pretty cool. We had a slit in the back of our shirts with a pouch that I sewed in to hold our extra pieces, just like the Potato Heads. So we swapped out faces throughout the night. It was fun!

the many faces of the Potato Heads

Work has been nuts lately. I am ALMOST finished with my caseworker training which just means everything is actually getting real lol. Hours are getting longer, but that's ok! I am picking up a lot of comp time which is great, and I get to work with some great kids. But it does make me boring lol. We workout, we work, we cook, we sleep.

The Whole 30 is over! I am really proud of how it went, but not so proud of how I have been eating since it ended. Which is what I was afraid of. So I am going to spend the weekend meal planning and prepping so I can have Paleo eats for the week, ready to go. I want to still eat Paleo 80% of the time, but I haven't been doing that. Especially with work getting busy, I don't want to fall back on fast food. I have also been eating SO MUCH SUGAR it's stupid. The Sugar Dragon is alive and well in me, and I need to re-squash it.

Ok, that's it for now. My dog is lounging on the sofa next to me after I threw her ball 345 times. Can you see her chest heaving?

and just another example of how cute and spoiled this pup is.....

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Bleach Shirts!

Good ol' Pinterest. I can count on you for directions to do everything.

When we were doing wedding prep, I really wanted to get my bridesmaids something nice. I was feeling really broke, but my girls are so important to me and I wanted them to have something to remember our wedding day.

I also wanted some of the cutesy hokey stuff that people do for matching shirts. However, every crappy shirt I found on the internet was like $20 for a tiny tank top that said "bridesmaid" in rhinestones. Not really what I was going for, and definitely slipping out of my budget for 5 bridesmaids that I wanted to give other gifts to as well.

So Pinterest to the rescue. Somewhere along the way, I pinned this website. I am not a great DIY person, so I didn't have real ambitions of doing Bleach Art. But I wanted the reference in case I decided to be crafty, which I did!

I got so lucky with this project, it must have been fate. My wedding colors were coral and navy, and I wanted to find coral tank tops. I decided to start at Target, and what did I find as soon as I walked in the door? A table of $5 tank tops in the PERFECT SHADE OF CORAL. It was meant to be. Then I found the exact bleach pen they use in the tutorial, and I knew this was going to go well.

I have terrible free hand writing skills, so I printed out words from the computer in the right size and font for what I wanted. All I had to do was trace, right? Sort of. I still managed to make some of them look awful. I figured out ----the shorter the word, the better you are. Shannon's "MOH" shirt looked way better than all the "bridesmaid" shirts.

I started off by putting my template on a piece of cardboard and sticking it in the shirt. Then I traced the writing with my bleach pen and let it sit for 10 minutes. Afterwards, wash off the bleach using dish soap. The soap stops the bleaching process, apparently, so it doesn't keep bleaching.

please ignore the dirty dishes in my sink :)

After that, I just hung them all on the door knob until I was ready to wash them. At that point, the bleach is not bleaching anymore so you don't have to worry about bleaching out the shirts or anything. I washed and dried the shirts and was pretty satisfied with them!

But then I decided to be an overachiever, and the next day I made templates for each girl's name on the back. I think it made them personal, and I really enjoyed it! This is the finished product :)

I will say, I think that the shorter/bigger words worked MUCH better! If I can do it, you most certainly can do it!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Whole 30

So I've posted about my crazy diet ideas before. I usually post on day 1. Or day 0. And then never post again, cause I've given up by day 3 and am back to eating the way I always have.

Since Collin got back from the deployment, we have been eating very well, especially by our standards. We cooked most of our meals, stopped eating out for lunch, and stopped stocking as much junk food in the house. We were doing well!

But right before the wedding, it all fell apart for me. I ate WHATEVER I WANTED in the week leading up to the wedding (I know, what the hell right?) and the weeks following the wedding. I knew I needed SOMETHING to get myself back on track. And that thing was the Whole 30 program.

I describe Whole 30 as Paleo on steroids. Basically, it follows the same ideas as Paleo-----ditch added sugar, grains, dairy, and legumes. I'm not an expert at Paleo, but for Whole 30---you can't have ANY sweeteners. No honey. No stevia. NOTHING.

This seems extreme, I know. But it's a 30 day challenge. It's not necessarily intended to be done for the rest of your life. However-----NO CHEATS. This is not a sort of plan that maybe you'll stick to.......if you cheat, if you even eat one chocolate chip or a sliver of a pie crust or a shot of milk, you have to start over *if you want the full results that Whole 30 claims.

So here I am......on day 15!!!!! Days 1-10 were miserable. Days 1-4 I was feeling serious sugar withdrawl, and then at the week point, I was getting pissed off about all the food I couldn't eat. Collin and I went to Dallas on day 6, and by the end of the day I was just a nasty mess lol. But now at day 15......I'm getting over it!

I still miss plenty of foods and I'll be happy when this is over, but more so for social aspects. I've gotten over not being able to eat whatever I want at home. I don't miss dairy all that much, I don't miss grains all THAT much, and I don't miss beans all that much. I miss them, but I'm not craving. I do miss sugar a lot though. But not as much as I did when I started! But what I DO miss is being able to grab a bite to eat with friends and not worry that I just plain can't cause of what I'm not supposed to eat. I also miss being able to prepare anything quickly.......a lot of compliant recipes are pretty good, but there is absolutely NOTHING convenient about Whole 30.

And let me tell you----sugar is in EVERYTHING. ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING. I was making eggs this morning and with a jolt of alarm, frantically checked the ingredients list on my can of Old Bay (nothing sweet about it) to see if it had sugar, because that is how surprised I have been about what has sugar. Beef stock. Every brand of bacon out there. EVERYTHING.

So far, I can't say I feel any different. But I hear the magic happens between days 16-28, so I'm still getting there.

I'll let you know how the rest of it goes!

PS---the hubs and I have been married for 1 month! Yayyyy!