Monday, December 2, 2013

Tis the Season!

So I love the holidays. Love. Love. Love.

The past two holiday seasons have brought happy mingled with sad. In 2011, I got to watch one of my best friends marry the man of her dreams a week before Christmas. Last year, I got to watch my bestest tie the knot with some lameass a few days after Christmas! All together, it made for even busier and more exciting holiday seasons.

But the bittersweet part was doing it all without my love. Collin was deployed over the entire holiday season in 2011 and 2012. I sent boxes of holiday cheer to Afghanistan, but I know it didn't make it quite the same for him and it definitely didn't feel the same to me. The first year I was in Abilene, I put up a tree and left it up til he got home on January 30th :) We celebrated Christmas then. Last year, I bought us a new tree! However, said tree was crooked. I returned it to Target, got the same tree but a different one, and IT was crooked. So I gave up and bah-humbugged the holidays.

Which brings us to-----THIS YEAR! No one is getting married around the holidays and my new husband is HOME so we can spend them together. An impending deployment is looming extremely close to our faces, but we at least get Christmas!

He is currently TDY but came home for Thanksgiving weekend......and I put him right to work :) Christmas is a favorite for both of us, so on Thanksgiving Day, we were putting up our Christmas tree, which I bought last week because we simply had to have it. Friday saw more decorations being brought out, and Saturday involved climbing up on the roof to hang lights! I am so thankful for this man who never says no to something I truly want to do.....even if he doesn't :P

torturing Piper and her friend Lizzy from the roof

this man is afraid of heights!
and then he hung my light ball!

Merry Christmas!